Weekly Statistical Report
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Welcome to the East Michigan Conference!

In I Corinthians 12:27 we read: "Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it."  This passage reminds us that it takes every part of the church to make us complete.  Typically, we think of this in terms of the local church.  But as I travel to areas of extreme poverty and even areas of persecution, the Lord impresses upon me that the church around the world also needs each other.

The world has become our parish.  For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son."  May the Lord expand our narrow view of God's church as we join hands with our brothers and sisters all over His world!


Looking for Covenant Hills Camp?  Click on the link to go directly to their site, or go to the camp's page here on our site.

  • This gives us the ability to see conversions more accurately.
  • Assures some basic form of discipleship is happening. Be sure those becoming members have been through at least some basic discipleship, as well as basic Wesleyan Theology and FM History & Polity.
  • Total attendance of all worship services for the week, even if names occasionally overlap. (Please do NOT overlap when it is known, such as choir members, a children's hand bell choir, those in a Christmas or Easter musical when performing in multiple services, etc. Include those numbers only once in the count.) If extra services are added (such as Saturday night Cantata, Children's Program, Christmas Eve Service, etc.) add attendance of ALL services together. We are looking for the actual total attendance of all worship,church/outreach services for the week. Include all children attending children's worship during the worship time. Also, six Sunday's are allowed to not be counted. (Please click on blue circle above for more information on No Count Sunday's.)
  • include: small groups, discipleship, Sunday school, prayer meeting, leadership training, CLC, adult Bible fellowships, home Bible studies, etc. This is the total attendance of every small group that meets throughout the week to do outreach, ministry, discipleship, training, etc., even if names overlap.
  • It is critical that a plan be in place to follow-up on first-time and repeat visitors.
  • Includes all tithes and offerings. this is not used for calculating allocations.
  • Please use this space for any special notations - for example: if you are using this specific Sunday as a no count Sunday, please make note of that here.

NOTE: Do Not Alter These Fields: